170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group

Company Profile

170 Engineer Group is a specialist branch of the Army which provides the infrastructure design and consultancy requirements for the rest of the Armed Forces. It is a hybrid unit which employs both regular, full time soldiers and part time Territorial Army Soldiers who use their civilian skills to contribute a unique engineering capability that is not held by the full time, regular army.

170 Engineer Group has a number of specialist roles, including utilities, fuels, rail and ports infrastructure as well as general engineering and geological support. We look to recruit individuals who have, or are working towards civilian qualifications in engineering related subjects including civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, construction project managers, engineering technicians, draughtsmen, surveyors, estimators, construction site managers and logisticians.

170 Engineer Group provides the opportunity for engineering professionals to build unique engineering experience around their civilian jobs. TA soldiers in 170 Engineer Group will have the opportunity to work with a range of highly qualified and experienced engineers on a broad range of tasks in a military environment.

“Enabling operational effect through infrastructure”


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