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Terms and Conditions for Subsidised transport

The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition is the only recruitment fair that will refund the cost of travel to the exhibition, including any costs of parking.

There are a number of terms and conditions including:

  • The refund is ONLY available to FULL TIME STUDENTS.
  • We can only refund you up to £8 of your travel costs which must include EVERYTHING - parking, petrol etc.
  • Pre-arranged University coach tickets are eligible for refunds of up to £8 on presentation of a valid receipt and student card. 


1. Report to the refunds administrator who will be situated in an office in the organiser's suite at the exhibition. The refund office will be open at 2.30pm on both days.
2. Give the administrator proof that you are a student, e.g.: NUS card or Student ID.
3. Show the administrator the ticket/receipt that you will be claiming with.
4. The administrator will then sign an application form to acknowledge that you have proved your student status.
6. After the exhibition, please send your tickets/ receipts and claim form by post, to Venture Marketing Group Ltd. 6th Floor, Carlton Plaza, 111 Upper Richmond Road, London, SW15 2TJ.
7. A refund to a maximum of £8 will be posted to you (see Conditions below)


  • A maximum of £8 per individual will be refunded if travel is by bus, coach or train.
  • If travel is by car, the parking fee (if under £8) together with the petrol receipt can be claimed, based on a rate of 10p per mile, receipts must be attached. A maximum of £8 per vehicle will be made if travel is by car.
  • The dates on all tickets and receipts must be appropriate to the date of visit to the exhibition.
  • Oyster receipts will only be refunded if they're supplied with a usage statement showing dates, routes travelled and costs.
  • No refunds will be made on weekend, weekly, monthly or annual travel cards.
  • Refunds on Intercity train tickets will be made in proportion to the number of days of visit to the show - for example if the ticket is a three  way stay in London and the exhibition is visited on only one day, a third of the cost of the ticket will be refunded.
  • Taxi fares are not refundable and no refunds will be made on Oyster top-up receipts. Claims will only be processed if supported by an Oyster Usage Statement.
  • If in doubt about what you will be able to claim, please contact the organisers on transport.ngr@vmgl.com BEFORE you travel.
  • The organisers will accept refunds sent back to the office up to 5pm on the 42nd day after the exhibition (i.e. 6 weeks). Anything received after this will not be considered.
  • Only claims supported by relevant receipts/ tickets and a copy of your student ID will be considered.

 If in doubt about what you will be able to claim, please contact the organisers on transport.ner@vmgl.com BEFORE you travel.

The organisers will accept refunds up to 4pm on the 2nd day of the exhibition. Anything received after this will not be considered.

Email enquires can be made to transport.ner@vmgl.com

Terms & Conditions for Engineering Challenge

  • Only FULL TIME STUDENTS are eligible to enter the Engineering Challenge
  • A valid student ID is required to enter the Engineering Challenge and to collect the prize
  • The winner of the Engineering Challenge will be decided by the organisers VMGL and Input, the facilitators of the Challenge at the end of the second day of the event
  • A prize will be awarded to the winning team of £500 by cheque by post after the event
  • The prize will be sent to the team leader and it is the responsibility of the team leader to distribute the funds and accompanying certificates accordingly
  • Prizes may be taxable. The taxable amount is included within the amount of cash received and HMRC may look to recover the tax at a later date. Any tax liability is the responsibility of the recipient of the winnings
  • In the event of a dispute, the decision of VMGL will be final and binding

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