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So, you want a career in recycling? (Your engineering degree will come in handy!)

As the world becomes more and more aware of the potential climate crisis, which is just around the corner, recycling is playing an increasingly important part of our personal lives, but also for businesses. With pressure coming onto businesses to be more environmentally friendly – whether it is through cutting carbon emissions, reducing their waste, recycling waste, and incorporating recycled products and packaging into their processes and production, there is set to be a boom in careers in recycling over the next few years.

Careers Advice

Unusual industries you can work in with your engineering degree

One of the best things about graduating with any type of engineering degree is that they are plenty of jobs out there. Armed with your degree and a few other skills which employers are looking for in a successful workforce, you have a veritable plethora of engineering jobs out there to choose from. Although some might seem obvious, there are also ranges of less obvious industries that also need engineers. The good thing is that there is something for everyone. So, what unusual industries are out there for people who have an engineering degree?

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