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Construction has long been a major sector of the UK’s economy. According to the Office for National Office of Statistics, construction contributed 6.1% of the country’s GDP in 2017. That may not sound high, but this is a figure for construction alone, whereas other sectors identified have much wider parameters, such as production which encompasses thousands of different types of businesses. This translates to a lot of jobs.

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MAC recommends all engineering professions to be included in the Shortage Occupation List: a guide for overseas engineers

After warnings from the CBI last summer that the industry could be left in chaos due to staffing issues, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended a Shortage Occupation List update this May to be more inclusive of all roles within engineering. This will allow for engineers outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) to apply more easily yet does not account for what will happen post-Brexit, once free movement is no longer in place. So, what are the options for budding EEA and non-EEA engineers looking to move to the UK?

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