Instrumentation & Control Systems

What does an instrumentation engineer do?

The typical control and instrument engineer will be expected to be fluent in electronics, fluid dynamics, material selection, control engineering and systems engineering.

Responsibilities include preparing project budgets, undertaking relevant research, creating test procedures and analysing and interpreting data. In any one day, the C&I engineer could be expected to size an orifice plate, hook up a differential pressure transmitter across the plate, wire it via a hazardous area barrier into a control system, configure the control loop, wire the controlled output to a control valve that they have sized and selected to be suitable for the fluid conditions, and ensure there is instrument air available to actuate the valve.

Employers of control and instrumentation engineers include power generation companies, manufacturers and installers of instruments and control devices/systems and process companies. Self-employment via consultancy/contract work is possible for individuals with several years’ experience. The ability to work under pressure while keeping to tight deadlines is an advantage. Potential candidates should also have strong practical abilities, be business minded and capable of working well within a team.

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