What do estimator engineers do?

Estimators or cost engineers make estimates of expected costs of delivering products or services to a client. Normally working for a manufacturing, engineering or construction company, their role is to identify the costs involved in projects and to create a budget according to the cost projections.

Responsibilities include researching and accessing information from a variety of sources in order to prepare accurate estimates. They will also conduct market research to identify what the customer or client requires to plan manufacturing or construction. Other duties include researching materials and equipment costs, collecting quotes, preparing and submitting quotations for work and assessing the levels of risk on a project.

An estimator will compare quotes by different suppliers and contractors, and also makes sure the different stages of development are progressing as per the plans and the costs are kept within budget. In a larger company you might work as part of a team and have responsibility for one area such as labour or materials. You would work closely with other professionals including construction managers, engineers and buyers.