When was the last time you thought about what you want from your career?

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14 August 2015 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

suzieWhether you are looking for your first role or a change of career, the first step towards choosing a fulfilling and rewarding career is understanding yourself. Investing some time to clarify your skills, interests, strengths, values and motivations will pay dividends.

One way of doing this is to list your six key achievements to date in as much detail as possible including:

  • The skills you used
  • The environment you were in
  • Whether you were managing or involved with people, process, things or data
  • What interested you and what motivated you

Once you have done this six times, identify and review the common themes. Completing this exercise prior to attending the National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition will help you get the most out of your day.

Knowing what you want, and equally don't want, will help you have informed discussions with the recruiting companies. To further develop your conversations, I would urge you to look at the exhibiting company websites which interest you; what careers/roles are they offering? How do they fit with your key achievement audit? Are there gaps, and therefore useful questions you could be asking when you get there on how to close theses gaps?

You can also utilise this information to develop a targeted CV. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression, so think about what you want your potential employers to remember about you in terms of your appearance and your conversation. Doing your research into a company and understanding how you could fit their needs will allow you to have informed, detailed conversations which will undoubtedly help you come across as enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Do also give some thought to your appearance - it may not be a formal interview but how we dress says a lot about who we are; what is your outfit going to say about you?

For more advice, please visit the Inspiring Talented Minds Careers Advice Lounge at the National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition or email suzie@inspiringtalentedminds.co.uk.


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