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01 May 2015 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

Throughout the UK, there are a number of geotechnical engineering courses available. Geotechnical engineering is a highly specialised field and is a branch of the civil engineering discipline. These courses listed below will help you pursue your career in geotechnical engineering. They have been chosen because of their credibility and the courses’ ability to build on the foundation you have already built. Engineer Jobs have looked for the top 3 geotechnical courses throughout the UK and compiled them in a digestible list for you to consider.

University of Dundee – Geotechnical Engineering MSc

This course at the University of Dundee is supported by the Scottish Funding Council and Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre through full scholarships with links to industry projects. Incorporating specialist modules covering offshore geotechnical engineering as well as soil dynamics and earthquake engineering, this course allows the student to collaborate with industry parties to help professional development. This course is ideal for individuals who have a fair amount of work experience and those who are aiming to pursue an advanced degree looking to specialise in the area of geotechnical engineering having completed a first degree.

University of Portsmouth – Civil Engineering with Geotechnical Engineering MSc

Studying civil engineering with geotechnical engineering will allow the individual to continue their path to becoming a geotechnical engineer whilst gaining additional knowledge about the civil sector. This course will provide you with all the knowledge and skills required to excel in the industry. Studying a postgraduate course will allow you to further develop your knowledge and will show evidence that you have acquired transferrable skills in a problem solving and team working environment. This course is designed for the practitioner who wants to excel in the engineering sector while receiving an extensive range of training. This course could lead to potential roles such as geotechnical engineers, tunnelling engineers or mining engineers.

Newcastle University - Civil Engineering (Geotechnical and Engineering Geology) MPhil, PhD

This course focuses on the fundamentals of construction and design technology along with the concepts of material behaviour. The research centres around Earth systems, science engineering and management which leads to the sustainability in construction as well as climate change and how it affects civil engineering. Taught by some of the industry’s top experts, this course at Newcastle University will ensure you maximise your potential in this research-driven civil and geotechnical-based course.

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