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22 May 2015 | Industry News | thomas thomas

2009 saw the highest rate of engineer jobs in the last 6 years. The amount of jobs had remained steady since 2012, but is now seeing an increase which is set to exceed the levels of 2009 prior to the start of the recession. There are a number of employers in the UK who are seeing a sharp rise in engineering jobs as the industry begins to show real shoots of recovery.

Jobs on The Rise

The number of jobs within the engineering industry continues to steadily increase; it is projected we could see a rise in jobs matching that of 2009, which saw the highest number of engineering employees at over 160,000. The civil engineering sector has been growing at a rapid pace, with around 160,000 employees towards the end of 2014. This is an increase of almost 18% over the previous year at 135,000 – the fastest increase over last five years.

Though the numbers of jobs are increasing at a rapid pace, the salaries are only 2% higher than 2009; not a huge amount in contrast, but this still provides a positive outlook on the engineering industry as a whole. According to accountancy Nixon Williams, the average pay now for an engineer in the UK is £29,806, an increase from 2009 where the average pay was at £29,222. Warwickshire-based engineering, recruitment and design firm, Contechs have recently invested £3million to create over 200 new jobs.

The investment will allow the firm to double the size of their current site allowing them to integrate a brand new design studio as well as a purpose-built academy to train new employees. The engineering and design firm works closely with Jaguar Land Rover, and specialise in engineering and design as well as materials handling and recruitment within the automotive sector. This successful investment is aided by Jaguar Land Rovers’ recent growth which saw their sales performance increase by 6% over the previous year.

Future of Engineering

The future of the engineering industry is certainly bright if things continue in the same direction. The increase of jobs and opportunities is set to continue, and can only spell good things for prospective engineers. We have an extensive careers advice section on Engineer Jobs, where we talk about how to succeed within the engineering industry, as well as ways of progressing within your chosen discipline.

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