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31 January 2019 | Careers Advice | Guest Author

Perhaps you are considering a career in the engineering sector, but aren’t interested in a role that physically involves engineering per se? Maybe you are interested in a marketing role at an engineering company for example, and just want to know how you get a foot in to the industry itself? We have got some first-hand advice from world leading mini-printer specialists, Able Systems about the nature of the sector and how to be a part of it.

Nick Lane, is head of business development at Able Systems and recommends that once you find a company you love, focus on becoming a part of it and worry about the position later on:

“I graduated in 1982 with a HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, after about 20 years, I eventually had enough experience in electronics and sales and that’s when I began my journey at Able Systems. Seven years on, and I have really grown with the business, now, my current responsibilities include all of the International channels, whilst developing relationships in the vertical sectors, ensuring our products are used in industries across the world.

“These days, getting your dream job takes grit and determination, my advice to those wanting to crack the engineering industry is to find a company you really love and just get in there, I would take almost any role! You can always move around the company once you are in there until you get to the role that suits you best, but at least you’ll be in there. I also think it’s really important to find a good mentor who can help guide you and offer advice. You have to plot your own path in life, nothing is clear and simple, but as long as you have desire you can do anything you want!”

Commercial manager at Able Systems, Mike Houghton echoes a similar sentiment to Nick – not all roles are set in stone, freedom to move and change is there for everyone to take, as Mike explains:

“As commercial manager at Able Systems, I am responsible for all aspects of marketing communications and lead generation. As the first point of contact for any inbound enquires that come into the business it means that I have the opportunity to see first-hand just how our marketing activity directly impacts upon the sales funnel. As much as I love all of this now, when I first started out in my career I didn’t know that I would be doing what I’m doing today, you have to be open to a lot of twists and turns on your path.

“I appreciate that for many young people, or even those looking to switch industries or careers, it is sometimes difficult to decide on a particular route, especially without any genuine experience of full-time working in the field. But, I think if you find yourself in this position I would say, above all else, don’t worry – it seems daunting but keep a clear mind. Ensure your options are always open and whatever discipline you choose to enter you take all the experience you can at every given opportunity!

“Don’t ever be afraid to change career at any age to realise your true passion, it will no doubt be worth it, and all experience is good experience even if it isn’t what you want to live and breathe!”

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