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See the world while working: Job opportunities in Europe for engineering graduates

Engineering is a truly globe-spanning career choice. You can take your knowledge just about anywhere on the planet and find something to use it for – a problem to be solved or a structure to be built. So if you’re entering the final year of an engineering degree course or you’ve just graduated, you might be struggling to decide where to head to next, even if you’re set on a specialism.

Careers Advice

So, you want a career in recycling? (Your engineering degree will come in handy!)

As the world becomes more and more aware of the potential climate crisis, which is just around the corner, recycling is playing an increasingly important part of our personal lives, but also for businesses. With pressure coming onto businesses to be more environmentally friendly – whether it is through cutting carbon emissions, reducing their waste, recycling waste, and incorporating recycled products and packaging into their processes and production, there is set to be a boom in careers in recycling over the next few years.

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