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29 May 2015 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

Engineering is an industry with a broad range of sectors, ranging from construction, software or civil engineering. A job in the engineering industry can come in many forms and doesn’t necessarily have to be with an engineering company. The beauty of this industry is that many sectors have engineering divisions.

The armed forces, local government or even food manufacturers have the need for engineers which means engineering skills are highly valued and suit a huge range of industries. We look at how you can get into the engineering industry if you’ve just graduated or through alternative routes such as volunteering or work experience.

Getting into the Engineering Industry as a Graduate

So you’ve graduated and you’re looking to get into the engineering industry with your degree. What many employers are looking for are someone who has the right skills and experience to be able to take on the ever-changing ways of the engineering world.

Your degree can definitely help you in this field, as there are some degrees which allow you to become chartered or incorporated engineers, which allow you to further excel in the engineering field. It increases your chances of employability and demonstrates you have a commitment to a certain standard in engineering.

If you have a particular sector you wish to work in, it may be worth getting in touch with a particular company in that field directly.

Many offer graduate schemes as an entry into the world employment where raw graduates are shaped and developed under the guidance of an individual company. Graduate schemes are competitive with many receiving huge numbers of applications for a limited number of places available each year.

It is vital then not to just rely on your academic record but to also find other ways to set yourself apart from other candidates competing to be included on the scheme.

Getting into the Industry through Voluntary Work or Apprenticeships

Though a degree is helpful, they’re not absolutely necessary to enter the world of engineering. There are still many options available to you if you want to embark on a journey into the engineering industry. These options are:

  • Apply to become an apprentice – many companies offer apprenticeship programs, providing you with the opportunity to learn while you work and earn. Apprenticeships can vary from intermediate levels to higher levels depending on your experience.
  • Part-time college courses – If you don’t have a university degree, it may be possible for you to apply for a part-time course to achieve a HND, HNC or a degree in a construction related subject.
  • Work experience – Work experience is a good way to show employers you are proactive in your approach to working. Work experience, whether voluntary or paid is a valuable way of entering the engineering industry as it provides you an opportunity to show employers what you are capable of.


It’s important to know that there’s no easy way of getting into the engineering industry, but it certainly is possible, whether you have been educated to a degree level or not.

Further Guidance on Engineer Jobs

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