How to Become an Electronic Engineer

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15 May 2015 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

Within the electronics engineering sector there is a wide breadth of options available to you in terms of finding a career. These options can include but are not limited to:

  • Jobs in the military
  • Jobs in aerospace and avionics
  • Manufacturing jobs
  • Telecommunications jobs

What Qualifications Will I Need?

There are a number of qualifications and subject areas you can study which will certainly help towards landing you a job in electronics engineering. These subject areas can be:

  • Production engineering
  • CAD/computer engineering
  • Communications engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mathematics

These subject areas are common for most electronic engineers, and in most cases you will need to have a degree in a relevant electronic subject, a foundation degree or a HND.

What Skills Will I Need?

Skills required to become an electronics engineer can vary, but there are generally a handful of skills that are desirable to employers when they look at your CV. Candidates would generally need to show evidence of the following skills:

  • An understanding of electrical health and safety law
  • Written & oral communicative skills
  • Attention to detail, innovation
  • Strong knowledge of technical and IT skills
  • Commercial awareness and strategic thinking
  • Ability to translate complex ideas into conceptual ideas

These skills are highly desirable to employers and will give you a strong advantage when applying to be electronics engineer.

Do I Need Experience?

With electronics engineering, experience is not a necessary requirement, but is definitely beneficial. Experience in a placement, for example is highly useful as it will teach you processes and practical hands-on training you may not otherwise learn in an educational setting.

A sandwich placement while studying to qualify for a CEng (Chartered Engineer) can also be hugely helpful experience, as you would have gained an understanding of how to work in an electronics engineering environment.

Further Advice

You can find information on how to kick start your engineering career on the Engineer Jobs career advice section as well as a wealth of information which can help further your career path through useful help and advice.

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