Engineering for Agriculture

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20 February 2014 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

The challenge is real, the solutions achievable - and the immense rewards cannot be counted in pure financial terms.

Engineering for Agriculture. What exactly does it mean? In past generations, it would have meant building bigger and more powerful tractors and farm machinery.

Today, the game has changed.

The disciplines and skills now required include robotics, computer-based imaging, GPS technology, science-based solutions, climate forecasting, technological solutions, environmental controls and much, much more.

Although farming and food production is a major focus, our industry extends into a number of complementary areas. Everything concerned with the upkeep and control of the countryside, forestry, sports grounds and open spaces involves the application of engineering solutions.

What is for certain is that if you are keen on science, technology, engineer- ing or information technology - and want to make a difference - then a career in Engineering for Agriculture could well be for you. 

 Click below to find out more about some of the opportunities offered in what is simply one of the best careers on earth. 

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