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11 May 2015 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

Within the engineering industry, there are a large number of roles available within each of the sectors, so it can be difficult figuring out salaries for each discipline. The salaries mentioned in this list below may vary depending on the organisation, so take them as a rough guide rather than actual representations. We have compiled a list for the highest paid engineering jobs.

Energy Engineering

Salary: £80,000+

Energy engineering is the highest paid job on this list, as the engineers in this sector are responsible for quite a large number of tasks, including the design, development and the building of renewable energy tech as well as negotiating energy tariffs with providers. In addition to the above, using computer models to figure out complex calculations and assessing ground and site conditions to ensure the environment is safe for installation of sustainable energy sources such as wind turbines, are also important parts of this role.

Chemical Engineering

Salary: £70,000+

Chemical engineers are responsible for a number of tasks which usually take place in a plant or lab and may involve safety in chemical or nuclear-based facilities. Work can also extend to a construction site depending on the requirement of a project and usually involves configuring equipment while taking the environmental and economic aspects into account, addressing potential safety risks, assessing what can be done to rectify these and designing and installing new plants whilst continuously monitoring and troubleshooting.

Aerospace and Engineering

Salary: £65,000+

Aerospace engineering is a sector in which the principles of science and technology are used to create components of an aircraft and support equipment. The tasks of an aerospace engineer can vary depending on the employer or role, but generally involve the regular maintenance of aircraft ensuring the full safety and performance is at an acceptable level as well the overseeing installation of engines and other equipment. Jobs in the sector focus on the continuous improvement of flight safety as well as the efficiency of fuel in relation to the speed and weight of the craft. Roles in this field require a highly skilled engineer capable of maintaining aircraft.

Mechanical Engineering

Salary: £60,000+

This role for the most part takes place in an office, but requires regular visits to factories, plants or building sites. There are other roles which come under the umbrella of mechanical engineering so the job roles can vary greatly based on the organisation. Development, testing and evaluation of theoretical designs as well as management of projects through the use of engineering principles are amongst the tasks within the mechanical engineering field.

Automotive Engineering

Salary: £45,000 - £65,000

Within automotive engineering, you will be expected to have a working knowledge of commercial engineering skills to be able to deliver particular projects within a budget. Investigation of mechanical failures and unforeseen maintenance issues along with applying mechanical principles in order to solve engineering issues and find appropriate solutions are just a handful of tasks involved with being an automotive engineer.

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