BAE Systems Contribution to UK Economic Prosperity

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17 July 2015 | Industry News | thomas thomas

New Oxford Economics report highlights BAE Systems’ contributions to the UK economy.

A report published earlier this week revealed that BAE Systems contributes a total of £7.9billion to the UK economy, the equivalent of 0.46% of the UK’s total GDP. This helps them to sustain over 120,000 jobs in the UK and ensures that they are a significant contributor to a number of regional economies.

They are expanding rapidly, with an expected intake of 800 apprentices and 300 graduates over the coming months, not to mention the number of opportunities open to experienced professionals. With an annual investment of around £80million in training and development, the company’s prospects for further growth are impressive.

Chairman Sir Roger Carr commented: “Our business and the many thousands of companies we work with across our supply chain are driving prosperity throughout the UK, providing valuable jobs and training.’

Here are some of the report’s key findings:


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