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11 January 2019 | Industry News | Guest Author

CES 2019 is upon us and with it thousands of new products that all look like they’ve been taken straight from an episode of Black Mirror. From autonomous air taxis to solar powered phone chargers there is something from everyone but when there’s so much on offer, it’s easy to miss something great – that’s why we’ve put together a list of our 5 favourite products from CES 2019.


1. The Skin Printer that can seamlessly cover age spots and discolouration.

Proctor and Gamble are the company behind this revolutionary device that scans your skin using blue LEDs to maximise contrast and then deposits small amounts of what they call ‘serum’ onto the skin. The results apparently last all day and can be washed off like makeup.

The application process takes around 5 minutes and unfortunately doesn’t work on dark circles under the eyes.

2. FlexPai – the foldable smart phone from Royole

For years now smartphone manufacturers and ambitious start-ups have been racing to create the first bendable phone and it looks like Royole are the winners. The FlexPai begins as a 7.8” tablet and can be bent in half to be used as a smartphone. It’s some interesting tech that will undoubtedly have wide ranging applications but as yet seems a bit gimmicky.

3. LG’s ‘Styler’ smart steam cupboard

This makes cleaning and ironing your clothes as easy as hanging them in the cupboard. While it might not seem like the most glamorous of innovations at CES Styler could have a huge impact on our everyday lives and is one of the few examples of smart home tech that I can really see the value of.

4. Burger 2.0

You don’t always expect to see food featuring on a tech show round up but here it is. Impossible Food’s Burger 2.0 apparently indistinguishable from beef but entirely plant based. Given the environmental impact of beef, the right substitute has the potential to save the world…

5. The device that can pull water from the air

You read that right, Watergen have created a device that pulls the water from the air and filters it to be drinkable. It can produce five litres water with just 1 watt of electricity and they’ve even integrated it into a car. This has so much potential to reduce the amount of waste and contamination coming from transporting and storage of water.


So there you have it, 5 of the most exciting products from CES 2019, we’d love to hear your thoughts tweet us @EngineerJobs_UK if you think there’s something we’ve missed!

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