5 Reasons Why Improving Health And Safety Is Good For Business

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30 April 2019 | Focus Articles | Guest Author

Health and safety considerations have a great impact on the well-being of employers, workers, and any other person that may visit the business premises. In addition, having a clean, tidy and efficient workplace is the starting point for the success of a business. It is therefore very important to ensure that business premises are cleaned frequently and the health and safety of workers maintained.

This improves the welfare of the staff members leading to increased productivity. Moreover, it’s a good impression to new customers and also business associates. This can help the business retain the best employees and special clients. The following gives reasons why improving health and safety is important for every business.


1. Workers Protection

Workers need a lot of protection against accidents and other health hazards that may occur while in business. Research found out that every year, more than 500,000 injuries are caused in workplaces and over one million bad health cases are caused by work. Most of the dangers come from harmful chemicals, manually handled loads, electricity, and unsafe machinery. If measures to prevent accidents in places of work are taken seriously, then there is a lower chance of suffering from common injuries like asthma, back pain, and those caused by trips and falls.

If you find that your business’s health and safety systems are a little unorganised, or would benefit from a spring clean, then you should consider using health and safety software, according to David Rowland, a business leader in the field, head of marketing at Effective Software. This is because software designed to administer your health and safety policies can “save hundreds of hours a year, and make your processes more efficient.”


2. Quality of Air

The quality of air in business can affect the health of the staff leading to poor business performance. Measures to prevent airborne diseases should be taken as soon as possible by implementing a good filtration system in the business. This will ensure that pollutants and excess carbon (IV) oxide are filtered before reaching the workers. This is important because it provides them with abundant oxygen and high levels of clean air while at work. Good air quality can also be achieved by starting a regular cleaning programme before normal business operations. If employees cannot do the cleaning process themselves, then it’s a good idea to employ workers from a cleaning organisation.


3. Reducing Absenteeism

According to government statistics, about 30 million days of work were lost in the years 2017/2018 due to injuries and illnesses resulting from work. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace means that workers are protected from diseases and injuries that can keep them away from work. This minimises absenteeism and makes sure that normal business operations are carried out as usual.


4. Promoting your Brand

Many potential customers think that a business that is more clean and tidy offers the best services and products. Whether the business is selling groceries, furniture, or food, a consumer will most likely judge the seller depending on the tidiness and cleanliness of the entire company. Business owners therefore need to improve their working environment as well as the health and safety of the entire business in order to retain customers as well as aid in gaining new ones.


5. Saving Money

By simply improving and maintaining the safety and health of the whole businesses, owners can save  money that is usually spent when catering for sick employees and other damaged items. Also, it will reduce the likelihood of employees leaving the company. Here, businesses save money spent in the process of recruiting new workers. Since productivity will also become high, the business will increase sales and earn more profits.


In conclusion, based on the above reasons, it’s necessary for every business to improve its health and safety procedures. This will make it a good working environment for workers, employers, and also the customers.

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