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Royal Air Force (RAF) - Aerosystem Engineer Officer

Industry Sector:
Aerospace & Avionics
All of the UK
Aerosystems Engineer Officers deal with the RAF's cutting edge; its aircraft and missiles. As an Aerosystems Engineer Officer you'll be responsible for weapons, avionics, and propulsions systems of all kinds of aircraft, their airborne communications and the ground support that goes with them.
Your foundation tours are likely to include postings to RAF bases that are typically home to several squadrons of aircraft and support equipment; you will be leading teams of skilled non-commissioned officers and technicians, managing and directing their work as well as looking after their welfare.
You will gain many personal development opportunities and career prospects, together with the chance to work around the world, gaining unique engineering experiences in the process.
As well as RAF training packages and courses linked to outside professional bodies, we actively support individual study programmes at every level. You could have opportunities to take Masters' degree courses, either full-time or part-time. As your career progresses, you will also be encouraged to join one of the Professional Engineering Institutions to attain Incorporated Engineer or Chartered Engineer professional status to allow you to take on some of the more challenging airworthiness roles.
Entry Requirements
  • An accredited Bachelors or Masters degree in an appropriate engineering or scientific subject. 
  • Applicants must also have a GCSE at grade C or Scottish National Equivalent (SNE) grade 5 in English Language.
  • Age: 17.5-36.
  • You must be a UK citizen or holder of dual UK/other nationality.
  • Whether or not you were born in the UK, you should have resided there for 5 years immediately preceding your application.
Apply via our Recruitment Website or call 03456055555

From weapons engineers to communication and electronic engineer officers, there are unrivalled opportunities for engineers in the Royal Air Force.

Technical knowledge goes far beyond anything you would learn in a civilian apprenticeship, and will continue to grow throughout your career. You will be called on to deploy your skills in some of the world’s most high impact situations – from battle zones to humanitarian crises.

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