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Behind each product is a complex production line, and production engineers are responsible for devising exactly how something is going to be made, what machines are going to make it and how it can be made as efficiently and safely as possible.

These products can be anything from newspapers to bottles and electrical goods. Alternatively, an engineer could be working to facilitate the transfer of hydrocarbons from oil into the production process. The production engineer is employed by manufacturers in most sectors, including aviation, chemicals and food, and usually works alongside other engineers, production staff and technicians.

Flexibility and a prompt analytical response to emergencies are important aspects of the job, as are handling production expenditure and giving training and tech support on new machines and processes. Candidates will also need effective communication and computer skills, and good decision-making abilities. Working environments vary, and range from big energy companies to production lines if you’re working in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and for major supermarkets. The job often involves shift work where non-stop production lines are used.

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