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Marine Engineering Jobs

Marine engineering refers to the engineering of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other marine vessel. Marine engineer job roles often include the design, build, test and repair these vessels, as well as offshore platforms and drilling equipment. It focuses on two disciplines – sea going and shore based; if you work in ship design or construction, your job would be shore based.

To work as a marine engineer, you need a detailed technical knowledge of naval construction, and mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering systems. Depending on the industry you work in, your duties could include shipbuilding, boat-building and repair, offshore oil and gas, marine surveying, merchant or Royal Navy.

You would normally be responsible for managing a team of marine technicians and craftspeople. Working hours are generally flexible, and may include shiftwork and weekends. You could also be away from home for long periods, working on ships, submarines or offshore installations.

If you are considering a role in this sector you’ll need to possess strong problem-solving skills, good communication and negotiating skills, excellent technical knowledge, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills, budget management and people management skills.


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