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This interesting role combines engineering know-how with innovation and creativity. Working in a variety of fields including IT, architecture and the car industry, design engineers spend their time designing products, machinery, equipment and mechanical systems for all kinds of purposes.

Creative thinking, technical knowledge and expert design skills all come into play as you will often be designing according to client specification and making alterations to existing devices, gadgets and pieces of equipment in order to improve their functionality and potentially change the way people live and work.

With the aid of CAD (computer aided design) or CAE (computer aided engineering) tools, ideas will be converted into detailed technical designs, which will then be converted into components and contraptions. Successful design engineers are usually perfectionists, and have a strong eye for detail. They are obviously highly creative but will also have an in-depth knowledge of CAD software. A logical brain, excellent communication skills, ability to work in a team and an expert knowledge of science, maths and engineering principles are also essential for a career in this mainly office-based sector. 

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