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The United Atomic Energy Authority maintains and operates MAST and also the Joint European Torus (JET) at Culham, on behalf of its European partners. Fusion offers the potential for a safe, clean and virtually limitless energy source for future generations.

The exceptional scientific results of JET, together with expertise gained in the use of the JET facility, have allowed Europe to play a key role in plans for larger, globally-funded ITER facility that aims to produce a massive 500-700MW of fusion power.

ITER is to be built in Cadarache, in France. MAST, a spherical tokamak, offers unique opportunities to research plasma phenomenon with unhindered diagnostic access. JET is the largest magnetic confinement fusion research facility in the world. It has a unique capability for operating with the future reactor fuel, tritium, and JET also holds the world record of 16MW fusion power.

UKAEA is presently seeking experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, as well as Graduates, for a variety of vacancies which can be located on

For an application form for the Graduate Development Scheme, email:

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