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Make the most of your day

Make the most of your day

Before the Exhibition


  • Plan your day
 – plan your time before you arrive – not only is there a wide range of top employers, there is also a wealth of invaluable free features to help your career prospects.
  • Make use of the website
 – keep abreast of who is exhibiting and ensure you are aware of the invaluable free features at the event.
  • Sign up to EngineerMail
 – EngineerMail will send you up-to-the-minute information on event features, keynote speakers, free presentations, industry challenges and networking opportunities, as well as information on the latest recruiters. Sign up now.
  • Do your research
 – read the Daily Telegraph's supplement (published on 25 April 2012). Inside the jobs section, you will find a four-page pull-out supplement with full information about the show. Read the exhibitor profiles and consult the reference grid to find out which exhibitors are relevant to your sector.
  • Be prepared – come fully equipped with plenty of CVs to leave with all the companies you talk to.


On the Day


  • Dress to impress
 – arrive at the exhibition as you would do an interview - first impressions count! A suit communicates that you are looking for that next important step in your career, not just ideas.
  • Relevance
 – think about what you want to get out of your conversations at the exhibition before you start talking to people.
  • Read up
 – if you've not done your research before arriving at the exhibition, make sure you take ten minutes to read the entries in the Daily Telegraph supplement (available at the entrance when you arrive) before you start circulating round the hall.
  • Be proactive…and keen
 – don't just browse, talk to the exhibitors! This is your best opportunity to get your face in front of your potential employer. This will make much more impact than a piece of paper describing you.
  • Ask questions
 – think of questions you would like to ask before you approach the stand. This will ensure you look interested and knowledgeable and avoid any awkward pauses.
  • Sell yourself, don't expect to be sold to
 – start conversations with expressions such as 'I'm interested in' or 'I know about your company, and would like to find out more about' rather than 'Who are you and what do you do' or 'What can you offer me'
  • Create the right impression
 – try to look relaxed - enthusiasm is often a great cover for nerves!
  • Be the perfect candidate
 – find out what the exhibitors are looking for by asking them; what skills and experience do you need? You can then tailor your experiences and responses to what they are looking for.
  • Make the most of your time
 – you're making the effort to travel to and attend the exhibition, so don't think 'how quickly can I get out of here?' when you arrive. Use your time wisely - take advantage of the free features including the CV Clinic, the Interview Clinic, industry challenges and free presentations. You never know, you might just secure that dream job!


We hope that you find your visit valuable and wish you every success in your future career.

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