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Thousands of well-educated foreigners come to Denmark every year to work and live. Many are attracted by the opportunity to combine professional challenges, comfortable living conditions and family-friendly working hours. To meet the future need for well-qualified labour, Denmark needs to attract more talented people from abroad. That's why many Danish private and public organisations are keen to recruit highly skilled foreign workers and make great efforts to ensure that their international employees settle well into their new life in Denmark.

Workindenmark is the Danish Ministry of Employment's unit for international recruitment. We facilitate contact between Danish companies and international employees and communicate our knowledge and experience to all interested parties.

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Working in Denmark

Employees in Denmark make great demands on their bosses and don't think twice about speaking their minds. This is a major benefit according to lawyer Francis Slingsby, who moved from the UK to Denmark to be a manager at the Danish company DONG Energy Wind Power:

“Danes speak their minds openly to their bosses too, whereas we Brits would be less direct. I get on fine with the Danish manner, which is constructive and effective. When holding meetings at work, we get to the point a lot quicker,”

He and his Swedish wife Martina lived and worked in London until the couple moved to the Danish capital Copenhagen. Francis now manages a team of 14 employees at the Asset Performance and Partnerships department and has colleagues both in Denmark and the UK. The department is in charge of commercial management and partner relations when DONG Energy Wind Power is constructing and operating offshore wind farms. Most of the employees in the department are Danes, and Francis has quickly came to appreciate the culture at Danish workplaces and the new demands it makes on him as a manager:

“The hierarchy in a Danish workplace is flatter than I am used to. In my previous management positions, the manager's word was law. Here everyone gives their opinion if they think they have something to contribute. I find that rather refreshing, and it helps the team to move forward as one.”

In the majority of Danish families, both adults work. If you are EU/EEA citizens, your spouse/partner does not need a permit to work here. As a non EU or EEA-citizen he/she is allowed to work full-time for the period his/her residence permit is valid.

Workindenmark can provide information about local initiatives helping your accompanying partner to search for a job i.e. consisting of: focused job-seeking seminars and seminars on how to write applications and CVs that appeal to Danish employers. 

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