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We are designing & deploying wave energy technology to provide the planet with clean energy.​ We believe intelligent technology is essential for the sustainability of our planet. Our goal is to identify the most practical technologies that have the power to make a positive global impact. Developing the right technology requires time, knowledge, skill and ambition.

By nurturing our team’s creative instinct and objectively evaluating a series of ideas, we are interested in exploring the full scope of the market before progressing with the ultimate concept, and we are recruiting for engineering professionals to join us in our mission.

Do you have a degree in engineering, a passion for problem solving and the ability to challenge ideas and think outside of any box? If this is you - join our team of world class engineers on our mission to create the world's first commercially viable wave energy converter. If you need any more convincing, we have £50 million of private investment, and state of the art, custom built, offices in the heart of the beautiful Somerset countryside.

We aren't worried about where your degree comes from - nor are we fixated on the classification! We are more focussed on your extraordinary ability to create projects fuelled by passion. If you have ever fixated on an engineering problem or created a piece of tech in your bedroom then you need to be working with us! Imagine having the autonomy to solve fascinating problems daily, create pioneering, world first technology and conceive novel concepts, engineer designs and build them.

In fact - why just imagine? Apply and make it a reality. We are absurdly ambitious in our mission, and we need you to make it happen.

Apply today - be part of something amazing


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