UK Power Reserve

Company Profile

UK Power Reserve is a fast growing, Midlands based power company. We are the leading provider of reliable, flexible and low carbon power services to the UK electricity market. With a portfolio of over 800MW of small-scale, local thermal power generation and battery storage assets, we help keep the country’s electricity system balanced and resilient. Our fast-ramping, low-cost assets are located across England and Wales and provide competition to the Big Six energy companies to ensure better value for consumers.

A prominent ‘challenger’ company in the energy industry, UK Power Reserve is bringing innovative technologies and services to market which disrupt the traditional utility model. We are spearheading the shift to a decentralised, ‘two-way’ power system where new, low carbon energy such as wind and solar are complemented by fast-ramping, reliable energy sources like batteries and small, local power stations. This model helps consumers harness the benefits of renewables, get involved in producing or managing their own power where they want, whilst ensuring that low cost, flexible back-up power is available when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining. By locating our smaller plants and reliable energy sources close to consumers we limit the need for large power infrastructure investment, helping reduce consumer energy bills.

A partner of choice, we generate a reliable form of thermal electricity which helps National Grid and commercial clients and partners balance electricity supply and demand. Our low cost, rapid build gas plant, combined with planned investment in rapid response batteries is supporting the growth of the UK renewables market by providing fast-ramping power which can counter the intermittency of wind and solar generation.

As well as building and operating our assets, our management team offers a wide range of specialist services to market participants. These include advice and implementation relating to demand side response and aggregation, reserve and balancing, and a proprietary app called igridUK which is designed to help energy managers get best value from their assets. UKPR’s experience in developing, owning and operating small scale, flexible power plants is unparalleled in the UK. We have built an in-house team of experts which has consistently delivered high quality, reliable assets and deployed those successfully into the commercial electricity markets. This skill set is rare and puts us in a unique position to provide bespoke, power supply services to industry.

We are continuing to expand our internal capabilities with a best in class operations and maintenance team, proprietary virtual power station software, a trading and supplier arm, and an expert regulatory team. To find out more and to enquire about our current vacancies visit us at


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