Royal Navy

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Protecting Our Nation’s Interests

As an Island nation, our prosperity and security is totally dependent on our ability to access the sea.

The UK is reliant on a stable global market for the raw materials, energy and manufactured goods which underpin our way of life and, in a globalised world, we must have the ability to respond to any event that threatens our economy or national interests. That is why the Royal Navy is globally deployed and has a range of versatile ships, submarines and aircraft operated by highly professional Sailors, Aviators and Royal Marine Commandos. The Royal Navy continues to police the use of the sea in partnership with allies and retains the unique ability to influence events at sea, on land and in the air providing real flexibility of choice to both military and political leaders.

Every day the Royal Navy is:

  • Preventing Conflict The Royal Navy prevents conflict by being globally deployed in order to deter threats by reassuring regional powers and stabilising potential hotspots. The coercive nature of a credible military force at sea has significant worth in re-enforcing political will.
  • Providing Security at Sea The Royal Navy is at sea every day, working with international partners to provide global maritime security where it is needed.
  • Promoting Partnerships The Royal Navy promotes stable and co-operative relationships with friendly and neutral nations around the world through working together, training together and determining common understanding.
  • Providing Humanitarian Assistance The Royal Navy provides humanitarian aid and relief from the sea without the need to draw on a country’s infrastructure or resources.
  • Protecting our Economy The Royal Navy contributes to the stability and economic prosperity of the UK by being deployed around the globe in order to protect trade routes and guard the flow of energy resources into our ports.
  • Ready to Fight The Royal Navy is ready to fight and win in combat at sea, on land or in the air.

These tasks are enabled by our Sailors, Aviators and Marines who are a highly skilled and efficient force. They are the life blood of our Service, able to adapt to whatever the mission demands and are key to delivering success anywhere in the world.

Engineering in the Royal Navy

As an Engineer Officer you’ll lead a highly skilled team of Technicians, with responsibility for the complex and essential items of equipment that provide our firepower and enable us to operate our ships, submarines and aircraft in harsh environments in all areas of the world. Roles are multi-disciplinary working on air, marine or combat systems. Engineer Officers working in the Submarine Service receive additional pay with the opportunity to work on some of the most cutting edge equipment such as nuclear reactors or strategic weapons. An officer’s career will involve both time at sea and ashore in various locations around the UK and globally.


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