Owen Mumford Ltd

Company Profile

Owen Mumford is a global leader in medical device design and manufacturing with a commitment to innovation and above all, meeting our customer needs. We develop pioneering medical devices for our own Owen Mumford brand as well as custom device solutions for many of the world’s major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

Together we help patients and medical professionals the world over to manage a variety of medical conditions. We have a passion for innovation and a pioneering product portfolio. A Queen’s Award for Innovation and a Red Dot Award for Product Design are among the ways our inventive spirit has been recognised. Industry-leading, high-speed, automated processes in our facilities are underpinned by a wealth of experience and capability to manufacture billions of components each year.

Mixing the ambition, passion and expertise of our associates with our vision and values; we strive, every day to make the very best Impact on our customers, environment and our future. We define those who work for us as Associates for a reason.

Associate has important connotations – ones of unity and alliance. This is so important to us because teamwork and collaboration are the backbone of our daily practice. Owen Mumford is made up of a number of different departments, teams and working groups and it is this diverse cross functional workforce that brings expertise, experience and most importantly passion together allowing us to do great things.


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