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Whilst we are best known for our UK grocery delivery service, that's just the bit people see above the surface. Our beating heart is a vast, unique fulfilment and logistics machine powered by research and technology. Ocado.com is a pioneering online grocery delivery service that is revolutionising the way people shop for food. Unlike old-fashioned supermarkets, we don't rely upon a network of large chain superstores, but on a 'centralised distribution' business model. We depend on innovative technology-driven solutions to deliver our world class service. We're still growing fast, so we're on the lookout for people with extraordinary drive, passion and talent to help keep us moving forward at a pace.

We are better than a supermarket. We started out with the mission "to revolutionise the way people shop forever; by giving them a uniquely innovative and greener alternative to traditional grocery shopping." This continues to be at the core of our ethos. We built our online grocery business from scratch and centred it entirely on our customers’ needs. While our competitors kept on picking their online orders from their supermarket shelves, we built a dedicated, climate-controlled warehouse to give us better stock control, range, quality and freshness. As a result no-one else offers what we offer. We continue to push on, developing the world’s most advanced end-to-end online shopping and delivery solutions with leading innovation, technology and engineering at its heart.

Because of that single-minded goal, we've grown from a small entrepreneurial start up to a multinational business employing more than 13,000 people, united together in the pursuit of our goal of delivering over 260,000 grocery orders a week to customers across the UK. Every year our reach grows further, in 2010 we floated on the London Stock Exchange, in 2013 we completed our first commercial deal with Morrisons and recently we have signed our first international deal. Our blockbuster deal with Kroger has seen us reach the FTSE 100, with our shares rising by 250% in the last year.

As an Ocado employee you make this happen. Designing, developing and delivering innovative ideas that enable us to be voted the Best Online Supermarket three times.

Our fresh thinking; our insatiable curiosity; our pioneering attitude and our people, combined with a strong survival instinct, have made Ocado unparalleled. We burst onto the retail scene in 2000 and since then have been a major disruptor in the market. Be part of something special, unique, challenging and, ultimately, something that is changing the way the world shops forever. Help shape Ocado.

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