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An Insurance Company Unlike Any Other

FM Global is a leading commercial property insurer of the world's largest businesses, providing more than one-third of FORTUNE 1000-size companies with engineering-based risk management and property insurance solutions. For more than 175 years, clients have worked with FM Global to develop robust property insurance and engineering solutions to protect their business operations from fire, natural disasters and other types of property risk.

FM Global employs more than 5,100 employees worldwide, including more than 1,800 loss prevention engineers, and our engineers don’t spend their days behind a desk. As a field engineer, you’ll be out in the world, dealing with real people and real situations. You may find yourself evaluating a flood exposure at a pharmaceutical plant or a sprinkler system in a key warehouse that will protect it from a major fire. It’s a hands-on role requiring high energy, self-motivation, and creativity.

our experience at FM Global starts with extensive training in loss-prevention engineering from some of the most talented and respected engineers in the world. You will soon find yourself working independently from your home office, travelling to client facilities to solve complicated technical issues and sharing your findings with the local management of the world's best-known companies. You will be entrusted with the evaluation of multimillion-dollar facilities, sometimes around the world, and make decisions that involve complex business processes every day.

There’s no better place to build a career than FM Global. Whether you’re just beginning your career or an experienced professional, we will provide you with the training and support you need to build a rewarding career. We invite you to discover just how different a career in insurance can be. To learn more about FM Global Careers, please visit

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