Derby College

Company Profile

Derby College has around 1,400 staff working in a wide range of roles - and every single one of them contributes to our success as a leader in education and training.

The career opportunities available are diverse, with hundreds of courses in academic and vocational areas covering many different sectors, we need to recruit staff from a variety of specialist and technical backgrounds. However, running a College is not just about teaching. Ours is a dynamic organisation where you will find opportunities to advance your career in professions ranging from finance to administration, marketing to IT, HR to business development, librarianship to management.

We have around 26,000 learners and we are investing heavily in transforming the College estate. We therefore also need talented staff for roles dedicated to supporting students and ensuring they enjoy high-quality learning facilities. We are keen to recruit and retain talented people who can play a key role in realising the College's mission. We will value your ideas, develop your skills, treat you with respect and recognise your endeavours.

Due to the sheer scope of the College's services, you could find yourself working on campus or in a variety of settings in the wider community and business world. Wherever you are based, you’ll be able to tap into a range of benefits and numerous opportunities to develop personally and professionally. Whatever job opportunity sparks your interest, you'll find Derby College to be an efficient, caring and rewarding place to pursue your career. Derby College also work in partnership with over 2,700 employers ranging from SMEs, public and private sector organisations such as Rolls-Royce plc.


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