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05 June 2015 | Careers Advice | thomas thomas

Engineer Cover Letter Example

Cover letters aren’t hugely difficult, but it can be difficult trying to write about why you’re applying for an engineering position, especially when you’re competing with hundreds or potentially thousands of other candidates. We’ve highlighted a number of points within the document to remember when writing a cover letter.

Why a Cover Letter?

Cover letters are a way of supporting your application by giving you the opportunity to explain why you would be the ideal candidate for the job. Use this chance to ‘sell yourself’ and highlight reasons what sets you apart from other candidates applying for the same role. Don’t use the same cover letter for every job application; be sure to tailor each cover letter to suit the job you’re applying for, or you may find yourself losing track of who you sent the cover letter to!

The Cover Letter is an ‘Extended CV’

Have too much to say but don’t want to overload your CV? Think of the cover letter as an extension of your CV. Use it as an opportunity to talk about a particular role in detail, or highlight your skills in a more articulate way. A cover letter will give you the chance to explain anything that needs an explanation on your CV, such as employment gaps or any voluntary experience you may have done.

Further Resources

You can download the annotated cover letter example at the link above, and it contains an explanation for each section in the letter, so it’s easier for you to dissect. You can find further reading at our careers advice section, which includes ‘how to’ guides as well as a look at some of the best engineering jobs and courses around.

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